Keymax specializes in turnkey developments, from inception of an idea to the final product covering medium to large size developments. A hands-on business approach, level headedness and quick turnaround time has been our key success factors.

Founded Internationally in 1999, and incorporated in Australia in 2010, the Keymax Group has been involved in a diverse range of property developments, investments, and projects. It has successfully marketed and managed properties both in Australia and internationally. 

The total value of properties that have been developed or are under development is approximately AU$100 million. It has the experience to source, research, plan, design, develop, lease and ultimately develop viable property assets.

Keymax Building Group Pty Ltd was established to provide all of the adjunct property services to the group. These include the skills and systems necessary to maintain each property to the highest standards of quality, achieving the greatest operating efficiencies and, finally, realising the highest profit performance. By achieving these it creates equity and successful communities.

The Group’s experience both in Australia and internationally, includes commercial, medical, retail and industrial projects. These range from 500sqm to 10,000 sqm mixed-use developments.

The Company involves itself in projects that are strategically positioned and economically viable for the shareholders and tenants of a development. In its developments, Keymax strives to achieve all three major sustainability challenges- environmental, financial and social.

The Keymax Group retains its tenants because of its commitment to being reliable, approachable and responsive. Keymax is a company that works proactively with the teams they put together for developments.