Keymax Racing

Keymax Racing started in 2006 when father and son pair Jan and Hendrik Kraaij decided to hang up their bike riding gloves, and ordered a new Bat racing car. A 2000cc Nissan engine with a few modifications was dropped into the space frame chassis and with help from friends the car was prepared for its first race.

The South African racing series was good to the team and they won numerous class races and 2007, 2008 outright class championships.

The Bat underwent some upgrades in 2010 and a Nissan 3500 cc V6 engine was installed to make sure the pair stay close to the front of the pack.

When Jan and Hendrik relocated to Queensland, Australia in 2010 they brought with them their trusty buggy. They have competed in both regional and national races with great results including an Old 2011 Drivers Short Course Series Championship.